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Winning in construction is all about having the right people in the right places. We make it a point only to hire the best of the best to ensure our projects are safe and successful. The people on our team make up the following groups:

office Staff

Our management and administrative staff aim to always exceed our client’s expectations. Whether it’s always following up on tasks, keeping up with communication expectations, or submitting on-time deliverables, you can count on our expert office team. This group also supports our field crews to ensure they have what they need to get the job done.

Project Managers

We have high expectations for our project managers. These individuals keep our projects running, day in and day out. We ensure our managers have the training and resources they need to bring our clients and our company success. Our project managers each have their own set of diverse experiences and competencies that they bring to the table.


Our superintendents keep our projects running safe and smooth. Each one undergoes expert training to ensure quality standards in performance and craftsmanship are met on all of our job sites. These individuals take pride in their work which can be seen in the quality of their outputs.

field crew

Our field crews make all of the magic happen. Each team member has their own specialty trade skills used to put the actual work into place. As a result, we have a wide range of experience on our field crew, from those that have been in the industry their entire lives to scrappy young learners willing to take on any task.


As we have grown and taken on larger and larger projects, our tool and equipment supply has grown along with us. We maintain a full fleet of vehicles, tractors, forklifts, generators, and small tools. If there is a specialty piece of equipment or power tool we don’t have, we know who to call.

our Team

Michelle Kelcher

Senior Project Manager

Nickolas Finley

General Superintendent

Andre’ Sampson

Project Superintendent

Tim Kemmis

Project Superintendent

George Lewellen

Project Superintendent

Eddie Sandoval

Project Superintendent

Christian Garcia

Project Superintendent

Chris Garrett

Project Manager

Kaviya Karunamurthy

Assistant Project Manager

JoAnne Hamilton


Sandra Martinez

Project Coordinator


Project Coordinator

Matthew Nametz

Project Superintendent

Kevin Grose

Project Superintendent

Frank Ramos

Assistant Project Superintendent

Sean Romero

Assistant Project Superintendent

James tidwell

Assistant Project Superintendent

Jose sanchez

Assistant Project Superintendent

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